Like Some Hints about the Lilac Girls Prequel Lost Roses? You’ll Find Them Here.

Since I started writing Lost Roses several years ago I’ve been pinning clues on Pinterest, about the story as I went along. I pinned pictures of the characters: Luba, Sofya, little Max, Varinka and Taras. And of course young Caroline and her mother Eliza. The plot. My inspiration. (I’ve included a screenshot of a few of the pins below.) It has been a fun little secret a few readers stumbled upon but it’s time to share. The Lost Roses pub date, April 2nd will be here before you know it, but in the meantime these hints will at least be a taste of the real thing. (There’s also a Lilac Girls board under my name with lots of great pics, too.)  

Hope you enjoy it!

Just Found Some Great Old Lilac Girls Pics

One of my favorite Lilac Girls scenes to write was the one where Caroline Ferriday goes to the post office across the street from her house and discovers all the mail. So it was fun to find these old pictures of the store and post office just as they were (I call it Merrill Brothers in the book). Especially love Earl Johnson hard at work, the Christmas trees on the front porch of the store and the black cat at the door. The building is still there, across from Caroline’s house, though now a private residence. Wish I could time travel for one minute just to go back and see it as it was.


AARP The Magazine Shines the Light on Lilac Girls

I loved the process of writing an essay about Lilac Girls for AARP The Magazine, digging into the past and reliving how the book came about. You will find the essay in the current (October-November) edition, winging its way toward mailboxes soon. And you can read it now on Nook or on your IPad. Hope you enjoy it!


Crazy Excited to Share the Cover for Lost Roses, the Prequel to Lilac Girls.

I LOVE the Lost Roses cover and am thrilled to finally be able to share it. It has been such a joy going back in time to WWI, to tell the story from Caroline Ferriday’s mother Eliza’s point of view. I was so happy I didn’t have to leave Caroline and her mother after finishing Lilac Girls, and could dig deeper into the Ferridays’ incredible world. It was great exploring Caroline as a child, bringing her rambling summer “cottage” in Southampton, N.Y. to life and how the family discovered their beloved Connecticut home, The Hay.

It’s another true story, this time about how Eliza rallied America behind a group of Russian women, aristocrats who lost everything during the Bolshevik Revolution. I spent so much wonderful time traveling to research Lost Roses, to soak in Russia’s palaces and countryside, to walk the streets of France’s little-known Russian district and to the grand, old Hamptons cottages of Gin Lane and will share my finds over the coming months here. I added the jacket copy, below–just reading it is getting me so excited to share the story this spring!

It sounds crazy since April seems a long way off, but you can already pre-order Lost Roses through your local independent bookstore or from your favorite retailer:

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Indiebound | Hudson
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BAM(e-book) | Google | Kobo

Meanwhile, you will find me at Gettysburg or at former plantations down south researching book number three, a Civil War story, about Caroline Ferriday’s great grandmother Eliza Jane Woolsey and her remarkable, philanthropic daughters. They were the staunch abolitionists and supreme examples of kindness and generosity that helped make Caroline Ferriday the incredible woman she was. The Woolseys. More inspiring women I’ve already grown to love.



A Fun Shoot at The Bellamy Ferriday House for AARP Magazine

I love AARP Magazine and was so happy they wanted to shoot at the lovely Bellamy-Ferriday House and Gardens for pictures to accompany my essay in next month’s issue. The photographer Ethan Hill, assistant Janelle Jones and hair and makeup Dihan FC were all so great. Can’t wait to see the article in the October-November issue!

Noticed this on Caroline’s desk when we were shooting there. How perfect is it?
Tours of the house went on as usual…lovely Caroline Ferriday fans!
The garden put on a show.