Best bags ever

Love these canvas bags a great little shop in Edgartown carries–such a nice idea that allows you to carry books with you everywhere.


My fave!

The Incredible April in Paris Ball

April in Paris Ball 1957     One of my favorite scenes in Lilac Girls takes place in 1957 at The April in Paris Ball, held at the Waldorf-Astoris Hotel. For decades the ball was one of New York’s most glamorous and  extravagant benefits (the gift bags were over the top–suitcases filled with luxury items that chauffeurs carried to the guests’ limousines.) Through the years the ball featured a three ring circus, a full scale opera and a herd of French cows that gave champagne instead of milk. The theme in 1957: celebrating the 200th anniversary of Lafayette’s birth. It was all for a good cause. The galas benefitted French and Anglo charities.

Jacqueline Kennedy at Ball

Lovely Jacqueline Kennedy.



French actors Françoise Arnoul and Gérard  Philipe (as young and not-so-young Lafayette) enter in style.

Marilyn, Arthur Miller and Ambassador to Great Britain

Former U.S. ambassador to Britain Winthrop Aldrich, Marilyn Monroe and her husband, playwright Arthur Miller.

The fabulous Julia Marlowe, on stage again in Lilac Girls


I’ve been collecting Julia Marlowe ephemera for a while now, since she is a character in my novel Lilac Girls. She and her husband were two of the most famous Shakespearian actors of all time. The pair were friends of Caroline and Mrs. Eliza Ferriday and Julia mentored Caroline in her Broadway career. The Ferridays often entertained the pair at The Hay, their home in Bethlehem, Ct. Would have loved to be a fly on the wall for those visits. Check out E.H. as John the Baptist, complete with gladiator sandals, below and Julia as Salome.220px-SothernMarloweRomeo&JRomeo and Juliet

imagesJulia’s Juliet costume, courtesy of the Folger Shakespeare Library



Julia Marlowe playing card




A sweet nest

A bird made a nest in our sunporch and it has been such fun watching the babies grow.IMG_1336 copy          We’ve been watching our nest for three weeks now and the big day is almost here.

As you can see by now they are all grown up and ready to leave the nest. We’ll be sorry to see them go!


The lovely and talented Ann Parker: designer extraordinaire



It’s hard not to love Ann Parker. Not only is she delightful to talk to and hang out with, she makes the potentially painful process of creating a website so much fun. Best of all, the result is incredibly satisfying, a website that feels like home. In order to make such gorgeous, effective websites, Ann goes through a whole branding process that perfectly captures each of her clients (check out the new site she just finished for Plush events–love the elephant!) and adds her unique spin on it all.

In her words: I craft brands for creative professionals and boutique businesses that are ready for a polished expression that is true to their work. And then some. In my case, she created a great logo, added the perfect personal touches to the site, brought in fabulous photographer Andrew Thomas Lee (more on him soon) and, busy as she is, is still helping me grow and embellish the site.

Her own website is a testament to her talent–it’s a treat to scroll through all the mood boards and sites she has done for her clients, each one more delicious than the last.

Check out her site at: and her fabulous Pinterest page as well.

I think you’ll love her too.