9 thoughts on “Excited to Talk Lilac Girls on Martha’s Vineyard This Week”

  1. I absolutely loved your novel!! I couldn’t read it fast enough. What a touching story.

  2. I just finished your book and it was fantastic!! A truly beautifully written book and so inspirational. Written with so much care and generosity. Can’t wait for your next book
    Cathy Donovan

  3. I absolutely loved this book. My book was a paperback with pictures, which were very helpful to me as I read the stories. The pictures made the story even more personal. I enjoyed the book so much I wanted to own the book so I bought myself a hardback, and sent the paperback to my daughter who has been a member of a book club for several years. When I received the hardback version I was very disappointed to find that the pictures are NOT included. The pictures are a vital part of reading the story as they give you the feeling of actually being there and makes it very personal.

    1. I forgot to tell you that this was a book I was not able to put down. It has been years since I was able to lose myself in a book. Thank you for taking the time and all the research you did for this book. Looking forward to you next book. Thank you….

  4. Lilac Girls was a page turner….loved every minute reading it and what an education I received about Poland….so sad….

  5. What a wonderful book! I could not put it down, waiting to see how the women’s lives would intersect. Such horror, such bravery, such love! Thank you for bringing this history to life. My favorite read this summer!

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