Exciting New Find at The Bellamy-Ferriday House

It may look like just any old trunk but it made my heart skip a beat to see it. I arrived July 15th at The Bellamy-Ferriday House for a Lilac Girls event and there it was in the kitchen. The Connecticut Landmarks staff told me one of them had found it in the attic over one of Caroline’s barns. Reminds me of the trunk Caroline opens up in Lilac Girls, full of her theatrical costumes, complete with stickers from Caroline’s theatre tours.

The sticker on the trunk’s front is from David Belasco’s play Accused.

E.H. Southern, below, a popular stage and screen actor of the time was a good friend of the Ferriday’s. His wife Julia Marlowe was a famous Shakespearian actress and the pair starred in many plays together. Caroline appeared in four plays with E.H. and many more with her mentor Julia Marlowe.

Julia and EH as Romeo and Juliet

David Belasco was the theatrical producer, director and playwright who produced Accused.

If only this trunk could talk.

3 thoughts on “Exciting New Find at The Bellamy-Ferriday House”

  1. I think the trunk is speaking…its presence alone is profound. What an exciting find! …so happy to be a member of the “Lilac Girls” club.

  2. I just finished Lilac Girls on Monday, and want to thank you, Martha, for an inspiring, tear-jerking book which opened my eyes even more to the atrocities of the Holocaust. My husband was born in 1933 in Hanau on Main, Germany, and before his death in 1999, he told me as much as he could tolerate remembering about his life as a boy in pre-Hitler Germany, and then when he and his brother Heinz were forced to be in the Hitler Youth, complete with Gerhard being first-hand witness to the murder of his best friend by the Gestapo because the innocent would not obey an order. I won’t go into details, but my husband had plans to write a book, with my help, about Growing up in Nazi Germany as a young man. But unfortunately, he died at age 66 before he had an opportunity to even put one word to paper.

    I hope you continue to speak of the Lilac Girls and their history. You are so gifted and I would be thrilled if this book could be put on film for the whole world to experience, although I know many people would still deny it ever happened. Thank you for sharing this with me, the widow of a German who died proud to be an American

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