Half Price Books Rolled out the Red Carpet for Lilac Girls

It has been so much fun touring the country celebrating the launch of the Lilac Girls paperback, from Florida and San Francisco to Arizona. Texas to Illinois. But the lovely staff at Half Price Books flagship store in Dallas went way above and beyond. Not only did they broadcast the book talk on Facebook Live, (a first for both of us) their AMAZING display specialist Kiki Baughman, created this incredible, rotating Lilac Girls display, made from recycled books.

Kiki created the gorgeous globe to show the research journey I took writing Lilac Girls and it features Paris, Poland, New York City, Germany, all slowly rotating above a bed of literary lilacs.

You’d never know it but there’s a glittering disco ball at the heart of the project.

Even the Lilac Girls fans went all out…love the lilac nail color!

Thank you, Half Price Books! Read all about Kiki’s other wonderful displays here: https://blog.hpb.com/2017/03/08/meet-the-bibliomaniac-kiki-baughman/#more-20335

8 thoughts on “Half Price Books Rolled out the Red Carpet for Lilac Girls”

  1. I just finished reading Lilac Girls and must say it was a riveting, soul touching story. You brought the story alive to me and I could not put the book down. Thank you for bringing this gift to the world, and it is truly a gift. I lived the book as I read and that an amazing ting.

  2. Thank u so much for writing about all the Christians that perished in the concentration camps. They r a forgotten people whenever the nazi camps r discussed.

    1. My pleasure, Angela. I think it’s important to remember everyone who was impacted and make sure new generations continue to learn of it.

  3. I am a flight attendant who runs a book club with mostly other flight attendants…Our way to feel connected and “grounded”, even while working different schedules all around the world. April was a historical fiction month for us and Lilac Girls won our book vote by a landslide.

    Being world travelers this book means even more to us than just the tragic history. It is about a blending of culture, customs, awareness- and sometimes lack thereof. Thank you for weaving such intricate sensory details. We can feel, taste, smell, and hear the beautiful places we have traveled to, all while wrapped in a time capsule. Lilac Girls is one of the most beautifully written novels we have read in a while. You should be so proud of your work, Ms. Martha… a truly lovely debut.

    1. What a beautiful note, Jacqueline. Your point of view is especially valuable, understanding the global picture as you do.
      I so appreciate your kind words and I’m just thrilled you and your book club enjoyed it so.
      If you have a picture of your club members together I would love to post it in my website gallery–just email it to me and I’ll include it!

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