Researching Lost Roses I Discovered Caroline Ferriday’s Graduation Picture

I was thrilled to be invited to the Chapin School Book Fair last year– excited to see my Lilac Girls heroine Caroline Ferriday’s alma mater. Back then I was about three quarters of the way done with the prequel to Lilac Girls, Lost Roses and mentioned it to Eleanor Southworth, former Chapin archive coordinator, since the prequel features Caroline as a child and young woman.

“Oh, I think class of 1920 is hanging on the wall in the other room,” she said.

I was thrilled when Eleanor came back bearing a framed photo, above. Can you find Caroline? The lovely earrings and necklace she wears here may be the same ones she bequeathed to her dear Polish friends in her will.

Little did her Chapin teachers know their student would go on to do such great things.

2 thoughts on “Researching Lost Roses I Discovered Caroline Ferriday’s Graduation Picture”

  1. Thanks for sharing this fascinating picture. Caroline was easy to spot. She was elegant even as a young lady.

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