The Most Amazing Lilac Girls Cookies Just Landed

I’m in love with these Lilac Girls cookies made by Rachel Mikitka of Sweet Pea Cookies. In the Caroline’s House cookies she recreated the facade perfectly, right down to the exact windows. Incredible.

You can see all of her amazing cookies on Thank you, Rachel!

4 thoughts on “The Most Amazing Lilac Girls Cookies Just Landed”

  1. Those are just ADORABLE! Funny tho about the house…when I saw it, it looked to me, just like 1/2 of the Alpha Phi house. Right?!

  2. Any plans to make Lilac Girls a movie: strong women flicks are very much needed!

    Any updates on when the prequel will be available? Thanks: Loved the book!

    1. Hi Karen, The prequel comes out early 2019 and yes, the book has been optioned for film. So excited!

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