The Read Between the Wines Book Club’s Amazing Lilac Girls Celebration

Book clubs that read Lilac Girls have done some incredible things to celebrate the novel, but this book club from Boca Raton, Florida went above and beyond.

          Joanna Jendroska who was born and raised in Legnica, Poland and moved to New York when she was 18 hosted the club’s Lilac Girls discussion last Saturday. Joanna (center in group shot above) made potato-cheese pierogi and nelsniki with cheese and mushrooms, served makowiec for dessert and even dyed her hair with lavender highlights.

          She made a challenging Lilac Girls trivia game, decorated her home with photos and information about the book characters and the Holly Hollon maps of Lublin, Poland and New York. Best of all she officiated over a “casting director” game where book club members voted for who would best portray Kasia, Caroline and Herta on screen. (below) I think they made great, unexpected casting choices.

          In Joanna’s words: “I put a lot of effort into making this book club meeting a memorable experience for all of the women involved and did my best in trying to honor the memory of ‘the rabbits’ and I feel like I will always do everything to make their story heard.”

          Love the way they recreated the book cover, arm-in-arm, too. Lilac Girls readers are the best. 


9 thoughts on “The Read Between the Wines Book Club’s Amazing Lilac Girls Celebration”

  1. We all loved your book and we love you for being so involved with your fans!
    We cannot wait for more of your books to come!

  2. Martha,
    I just finished Lilac Girls and I look forward to more of your writings! It was a bit hard for me at first because of my short attention span ( ADD I guess) but I was so interested in the history that I kept going until I could not stop…FYI… I listen to books on CD for this reason! The story of the Rabbits is very sad but fascinating! It is hard to believe that people can be so cruel to others, but it is real life and we should not hide from it, and continue to do our best to try to see that it never happens again, but as I listen to news today I am appalled that it is still happening in different ways! Thank you for writing such an inspiring book!

    1. I agree Karen, it is disheartening to see us repeating some of our old mistakes….I’m happy you enjoyed Lilac Girls!

  3. Loved your Lilac Girls! Amazing story and so well written. It is my first book written by you and I look forward to reading more! Thank you!!

  4. A must read for women’s studies students. Women’s voices do make a difference. Caroline’s voice and story is now heard. Thank you!

  5. Oh my goodness, I am on my second read of your amazing book, Lilac Girls. My book club is currently reading it and many of us can not wait until our next next meeting in May to discuss events and questions we have about this book. It has been mentioned that you sometimes skype with book clubs. Is it possible we could arrange this?

    As a former language arts teacher Lilac Girls is a must read book that demonstrates the power a book!

  6. Thank you for sharing your journey and this amazing story! Reading a novel based on a true story is one of my favorites and this was certainly a story worth telling. I felt like I really knew the characters and it made me want to learn more about the incredible events of WWII.

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