Trying hard to breathe. Lilac Girls Made The New York Times Bestseller List.

The first few days after a novel’s pub date are tough. There are few real sales numbers to obsess over. Just the sound of people all over the country (hopefully) turning pages. There were a few promising signs. Kelly, one of the managers at my local Barnes and Noble said she was a fan and that Lilac Girls was selling. My sister’s friend said they’d sold out at her Iowa bookstore. But it was still a mystery.

Then I was in the UPS store yesterday shipping Lilac Girls to someone when my phone rang, a New York number. I answered the call to hear Lilac Girls’ incredible Ballantine team on speaker telling me I’d made the list. I stepped outside, babbling something incoherent and asked “Are you sure?”  “Yes, you made it,” they shouted back. Then came a call from my agent and we reminisced about Lilac Girls and she told me landing on the list as a debut novel was a rare thing and assured me it was all true. Even after another call to my husband, a huge fan of The New York Times, who was just as thrilled as I was, AND seeing it for myself online, it still didn’t seem real.

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And then today proof arrived at my door in the form of the most heavenly-scented flowers. “Congratulations on becoming an instant New York Times Bestseller.” It was signed Team Lilac.IMG_6159

So it’s finally sinking in. Guess I can relax now and stop worrying about sales numbers. After all, I’ve got Team Lilac on my side.

10 thoughts on “Trying hard to breathe. Lilac Girls Made The New York Times Bestseller List.”

  1. Congratulations!!! If I may be so bold I predict a number one seller. This book is fantastic. My sister was at the Doctors office yesterday, reading your book as she waited for her friend, several ladies asked her what she was reading as the cover caught their attention. They all wrote the title down and we’re going to get the book. Thank you so much for your book!

    1. Wow, thank you for sharing that wonderful story about the waiting room, Karolyn…and thanks for the bold prediction as well. Love it!

  2. I am almost half way through “Lilac Girls” and every day I look forward to being able to curl up and get lost in the heart warming yet heart aching stories of Caroline, Herta and Kasia. The novel has such wonderful balance between each of the character’s chapters and every one leaves me waiting and wanting more. The only thing that makes me wistful is the fact that one day this book will end, so each evening I find a quiet spot to read and take my time to savor every word and every moment inside the pages of Lilac Girls.

    Like all precious books that find a way into our soul, Lilac Girls will hold a prominent place in my personal library and in my heart for years to come, and I will surely think of it and visit it often.

    Martha, congratulations and most importantly THANK YOU for inspiring us with your words and for breathing life into these stunning characters based on women who lived their truth so fully.

    When I open the book open each evening to visit the rabbits I can hear the gentle whispers among them as I read the book, each of these women quietly giving thanks and appreciation to you for giving them the words and voice they have been waiting and looking to find for decades now. “Finally” they whisper… “thanks to Martha, our time has now come.”

    1. You are so welcome, Polly and thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts on the book. It makes me so happy AND makes it feel like all that research was most worthwhile! 🙂

  3. Loved , loved, loved, Lilac Girls!!! Did not want it to end !!!
    Congratulations on joining the NYT Best seller List.
    Are you working on another book?
    Enjoy the success, you deserve it for telling such a great story!

    Shirley Johnson

    1. Thanks so much, Shirley…so happy you enjoyed it!!! Yes, working on novel #2…can’t wait to share it!

  4. I’m not surprised it’s on the best sellers list. Normally I only read on the Subway on my way to/from work, but I can’t put this book down now. It truly is wonderful!

    I hope you’re a fast writer because I can’t wait to read your second book!

    1. You’re the best, Geneva–I’m so happy you like it! Excited to hear what you think when you’re done. And yes, the second one is coming along nicely!!!

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