What an Incredible Day at the French Consulate Honoring Lilac Girls’ Caroline Ferriday and Nine New Legion of Honor Recipients

I wish Caroline Ferriday could have seen it, the French Consulate in New York City in full regalia, nine WWII veterans honored with the Legion of Honor, which she was awarded over seventy years ago. The French School of New York City brought 18 students to read the bios of each awardee and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Eight courageous men and one woman, Lillian R. Walla, (above) such heroes all. I was so honored to be a part of this grand day, sharing Caroline’s story with the group.

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  1. Thank you so much for writing this incredible novel. I have purchased many copies which I have given to my friends. I have a special place in my heart for Poland and the people of this fragile democracy. I live on the shoreline in CT, two towns away from Selma Engel, one of two remaining survivors of Sobibor, a Nazi extermination camp located in eastern Poland which had one of the only successful mass escapes from such camps. I went to Sobibor last year to mark the 74th anniversary of the uprising to honor Ms. Engel and all who suffered there. I was in Poland as a volunteer for Global Volunteers in Seidlece, teaching English as a second language to university students. Before my two week volunteer experience I went to Krakow (seeing Auschwitz) and the following week to Sobibor. We must keep the stories of all of these incredible individuals alive so the tragedy of the Nazis and all of their diabolical work never happens again anywhere. Your story was incredibly powerful; One I had never known about until your novel. Thank you.
    If you have a moment you may want to read Escape from Sobibor or request a copy of the movie from PBS – quite incredible. I am neither Polish or Jewish but find their history and the story of the many courageous individuals inspiring. Among the Righteous Among Nations, the Polish people comprises more than half. They are an incredible, resilient people currently facing serious challenges to their right to free speech.
    On a separate note I have tried to meet you in CT with your upcoming events but you are SOLD OUT! Good for you! I hope to meet you another time.

    1. Thank you for sharing a little bit about you and also the story of Sobibor–I will definitely look for the movie. And I’m sorry the event was sold out–I think there will be another at the house in July–or just visit the Bellamy-Ferriday House anytime…the gardens are always beautiful no matter the season.

    2. Dear Barbara,
      I so agree that we must keep these stories alive and it sounds like you are very busy doing just that! I will definitely look for Escape from Sobibor.
      I hope you get to come to The Bellamy-Ferriday someday. We have several events a year there–the next one I’ll be speaking at is in July.

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